QUIN BITE Crispy Seeds

The delicious KETO FRIENDLY

seed crispy!

Inspired by the magical power of the seeds!
Made with 100% natural organic ingredients and absolutely delicious and healthy. Enjoy our 3 scrumptious crispies for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snack every moment of the day.

Our crispy snack is inspired by the magical power of seeds.
Enjoy our grain free, high fiber, gluten free, sugar free, preservative free goodness all day long! Contains 8 g vegetable protein.


Sunflower seed *, Pumpkin seeds *, Sesame * , Flaxseed *, Psyllium*, Black pepper * , Turmeric* 1% , Cumin* 1% , Iodized salt.


Sunflower seed *, Pumpkin seeds *, Sesame * , Flaxseed *, Hemp seeds* 7,5%, Psyllium*, Black pepper * , Iodized salt.


Sunflower seed*, Pumpkin seeds*, Sesame* 15%, Flaxseed*, Psyllium*, Black pepper*, Iodized salt.

All ingredients marked with * are from organic agriculture. May contain pieces of fruit pits, nutshells and traces of other nuts.

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